Hate the process of buying or leasing a car? The endless hours of negotiating? Walking away wondering if you got a good deal?

Oren Weintraub, auto industry expert, President of Authority Auto and whom calls the "master at the moment-to-moment" improvisation in car negotiating creates RevDeal.

What is RevDeal?
RevDeal will revolutionize the way people buying these cars forever. It's a two-fold concept: The Best Car Buying Guide Ever Created and The Auto Consumer Advocate Network. One is to teach people how to intelligently negotiate their own car deal then refer them to a list of dealers that have integrity. These dealers will be willing to cap their profits guaranteeing a fair deal for the consumer providing them the comfort to buy from their local dealer.

Over the last six years, Oren Weintraub negotiated thousands of car deals on behalf of his clients and developed a system that saves people money and guarantees they'll get a great deal on a car without having to step foot into a dealership.

Most people don't know how to effectively negotiate their entire transaction which leads to over-paying and having a bad overall buying experience.

I have never seen anything on the market that could easily and effectively teach people how to negotiate their own transaction.

The Solution... The Best Car Buying Guide Ever Created

Oren Weintraub is for dealers making a profit, but he thinks the best way to offer the consumer peace of mind that they can trust their experience with the dealer is for an independent third party of consumer advocates, who are experts in the auto industry, to regulate dealer profits.

The Auto Consumer Advocate Network is a group of dealerships nationwide that hold of the values of integrity and will truly look out for their customers' best interests throughout the course of the deal by guiding them to making a smart buying or leasing decisions. These dealers are willing to set a cap on their profits guaranteeing that the buyer always gets a fair deal.

Dealers will benefit from this by shedding the old school reputation they have and truly develop a solid long term relationship with their customers. I want dealers to get a greater share of their local business and will do so by abiding to the network's rules.